Hello! I’m Prisca. I’m a daydreaming illustrator by great passion; a glutton, shopaholic and avid wanderlust saved through grace by mercy. Painting all things gorgeous bring such joy to me and I love to spread and share that with all of you wonderful people!

Before I got too far, first and foremost let me explain the story behind the name. No, it’s nothing fancy of the sorts but just let me stop confusing you all of why it is called so. I’m born and listed in this earth without a surname so basically my actual identity is pretty questionable, not to mention troublesome, in black and white. However, it has given me the freedom to think of an imaginary identity of myself in flying colours, hence Prisca and The Pea comes to the picture. It is loosely inspired by the fairytale Hans Christian Andersen wrote, The Princess and The Pea – and I say loosely, just because I love sleeping in fluffy beds and fairytales so much and this is the only fairytale about beds and mattresses I could think of.

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All of our branding projects are highly customized, and carefully tailored to each client. We take pride in creating a branding experience that not only delivers our clients an effective logo, but that helps our clients discover and communicate their company's voice.


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Our hand crafted wedding invitations are designed with hand painted watercolor, custom calligraphy and classic type fonts. We offer a range of different paper items, from the save-the-date, to the announcement, reply cards, maps, detail cards, and more.

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Our library of illustrations is growing daily. In fact, if each illustration became the real-life version of itself, the collection would need to be housed in a such a big warehouse that you could roller skate comfortably in it, were it not for the yak.





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