I definitely could not have put up any of these without the unconditional support from all these angels around me.

To dearest Mama & Papa who always believe I will do wonders and I do deserve the best this life could ever offer – hence pushing me to dream bigger all the time while constantly reminding me to keep my feet on the ground, thank you so very much.

To my brother and sister who constantly believe and done crazy knees work (a.k.a. prayed) that I can do it all in Christ who strengthens us, thank you both indeed.

To Jas, for always pushing me forward and guided me both creatively and faithfully, thank you.

To Michelle, for leading me to pick up my painting wands again.

To Jules & Clarissa, for always listening to my dreams and cheering me on in every single way possible with such an open heart in Him, thank you.

To Mei for being such a blessing, encouragement and the kindest of mentor one could ever have; thank you.

To Nidya & Nora for spending time and helping me improve, thank you to both of you kind souls.

To all my friends that turn into customers and past customers that turn into friends, thank you for trusting me wholeheartedly.

Above all, to Jesus Christ, Who grants me this beautiful gift of life in the first place. Thank You. None of these kind angels who helps me along the way and this itself will ever exist without You.